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How to pack a box for moving

 Packing a box may seem easy until you have to lift the box and carry it downstairs. Always remember heavy items at the bottom, delicate items in the middle, light items on top and small items as filler. Here are more of our tips for packing your box without struggle:


1. Plan

Organise what items will go into which box. Then plan how many boxes you will need, our boxes are 59cm x 40cm x 42 cm and hold 99 Litres with a Max Weight of 25kg. Our boxes are double walled for extra strength and protection. 

Sort your items into piles: stationary, clothing, shoes, books, etc. This will help you visual what needs to be packed and where it should go in the box. Heavy items at the bottom, delicate items in the middle, light items on top and small items as filler. You want to use as much space as you can to make the most of your box. 

Bonus tip: use your pillow on top to keep items safe whilst transportation


2. Balance

Heavy items at the bottom, delicate items in the middle, light items on top and small items as filler. The best tip and most useful. But why? Putting heavier items at the bottom helps distribute the weight throughout the box and will make it harder for the box to tip over during transport. Heavy items on top will more likely cause the box to break at the bottom and is easier to fall over when lifted or moved. Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top. 

Bonus tip: Seperate heavier items. Don't put all your eggs in one basket...in this case books. It will make it harder to lift and we don't want you to hurt your back or drop the box on your feet! For the health and safety of you and our couriers, we ask that boxes are not over over 25kg weight limit. 

For delicate items, such as a lamp, mirror, or glassware (something that can be broken easily or is expensive) you should wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in the middle of your box. Carefully surround these items with the smaller items, socks, teddies or stationary. 

finally, finish your box with your lighter items, a neat layer on top with items such as clothes, coats or towels. This will help protect your items in the middle and will help balance your box...making it easier to carry. 


3. Protect

It is always important to protect your items incase of an accident, we don't want to return your items broken or damaged. We will be careful with your boxes at all times. For extra security, use bubble wrap to protect your delicate items, such as mirrors and glassware. This will help secure them during transport. To properly wrap your items with bubble wrap, make sure you have enough. Each item should have 2-3 layers of bubble wrap for extra protection. You will need to cover all surface areas with bubble wrap, cups should have bubble wrap inside and out. 

Bonus tip: if you don't have any bubble wrap, wrap your items in your clothing, just make sure it is safely wrapped with multiple layers and placed in the middle of your box.

Tape will be your best friend when packing, use it to secure bubble wrap or to group small items together, most importantly for taping up your box. To properly tape your box up make sure to cover all edges and gaps. The secret to a secure box is taping over the corners and in the middle. The tape reinforces the cardboard, making it harder to be damaged during transport: