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Very British Christmas Things to do at Boarding School

Very British Christmas Things to do at Boarding School

Christmas is one of the most fun and festive times of the year! For international students at boarding school this can be a great opportunity to see how the UK spends this festive time of year. So here are a few very British things, and some common things, to do this Christmas whilst on Christmas holiday at boarding school.



1. Advent calendar

A tradition we have in the UK is advent calendars. This fun, and usually chocolatey, 25 days  advent calendar is the best way to countdown the days until Christmas. In the past this was usually either a chocolate advent calendar or a make your own version with little gifts or treats you enjoy. Now there is a wide variety of advent calendars from teas, beauty products, bracelet charms… anything you can think of! So find one that suits you best and enjoy the advent season.



2. Pantomime

The pantomime, or “panto” is a type of comedy stage show for family entertainment in theatres across the UK. Around this time, the most usual pantomime available is the classic Cinderella story with a comedic twist! This beloved Christmas tradition is loved by families all over the UK as they come together and laugh over the funny jokes and enjoy the entertainment. The pantomime is held in theatres all across the UK, so there’s sure to be one near you!



3. Decorating Christmas Tree

Most people understand the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. Whilst this is a tradition known worldwide, it is very much an enjoyable tradition in the UK. So, grab yourself a Christmas tree, whether it's fake or real, small or big, and decorate to your heart's content! Some prefer to go traditional with red bows, gold lights, and baubles, whilst others take a more fun route with bright colours and tinsel! Now you just have to ask yourself, how will you decorate your Christmas tree?




4. King’s speech

Whilst previously this was listening to the Queen present her annual Christmas speech, this year will mark the first year the King will present a Christmas speech to the UK. This will be a big moment in the UK and one to remember. Many families across the UK have made time during their day to listen to the warm and encouraging words from our dearly departed Queen and they will do so again this year for the King. The speech will be broadcast across several different channels. So, snuggle up with a warm beverage and have a listen to the King's Christmas speech this year.




5. Christmas crackers

Pulling Christmas crackers is a fun activity during the Christmas season! Christmas crackers are a festive table decoration that, when pulled, make a bang noise and release a secret gift, paper crown, and a classic joke. These make all sorts of memories as you sit round reading the classic jokes and riddles and enjoy the little gifts inside. You can find Christmas crackers in lots of different supermarkets across the UK.




6. Snowy Walks 

If you're fortunate to have snow this year, make the most out of it! Some parts of the UK get lovely amounts of snow which can transform any place into a beautiful winter wonderland. Grab a coat, scarf, and hat and enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery on a little walk with family and friends. Or visit your local park to join in the snow festivities. Most people in the UK will visit their local park and go snow sledding down hills, build snowmen, or start a snowball fight! 



7. Christmas Carols

A very British Christmas tradition is to visit a local church or place and join in with several people in song, singing traditional Christmas songs. This festive activity can create some lovely memories, especially if you are with family and friends. Some groups even go door to door to spread the holiday cheer to their neighbourhood!

We hope all of these activities give you plenty to do this Christmas season and fill your Christmas holidays with some lovely memories with your friends and host families. We here are boarding school storage wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!